Requirement and enthusiasm are at each step of our approach.

We impose ourselves an architectural reflection focused on the human to conceive authentic and emblematic projects, which we carry out with the highest degree of professionalism. To achieve this ambitious goal, we rely on commitment, determination, and skills of professionals to design and build exceptional homes, housing projects or public utility projects, tailored to the demands.
Since 1986, the office mvt accompanies its customers throughout their architectural project. The practice of the workshop is at the image of the interest of its associates, the meeting between the discipline of architecture and the management of the projects.

Strong values are at the heart of our approach, the requirement to design successful, meaningful projects and ensure quality, costs, and deadlines. Loyalty to the client, the team, and the project, to create the conditions for success, the pleasure of fruitful collaborations and develop solidarity between all these stakeholders. And finally, the challenge, to stimulate the need to surpass oneself and reach the most ambitious goals.
The mvt office was one of the pioneers to have integrated the respect of the environment and the well-being of the inhabitant into the architectural concept. For almost three decades, our expertise in the fields of eco-biology and geology has been a guarantee for our customers who are keen to build an object that fits perfectly into a sustainable development perspective.

Today, the studio has more than 30 employees specialized in different disciplines such as design, project management or site supervision.
Do you want information specific to your needs? Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized service.
We can answer you in French, English, Italian, German, Swiss German, Portuguese or Spanish.


Since January first, 2017 the office has three new associates with complementary profiles. Their appointment aims to sustain the growth of the office under optimal organizational conditions.

Mvt/ architectes decided to open a new chapter in its history by promoting three associates. Since January first, 2017 Alden Miranda, Pierre-Olivier François, and Viorel Ionita sit at the head of the office alongside the two historical partners, Benjamin Vial and Gavin Taylor.

The complementary expertise of the three new partners will enable the company to meet the growing demand of its customers in optimal organizational conditions. In continuing its development, mvt intends indeed to remain faithful to the creed which founded its reputation since its creation in 1986: a constant requirement of quality and an absolute respect of the calendars and the budgets.

OUR skills



Our architecture is based on an approach taking into account the global context in which the object built will be integrated. Whether it is a villa, apartments, a building, a commercial space, a museum or a sports center, we impose ourselves a process of reflection which must lead to the emergence of genuine projects. We focus on environmental and functional aspects as well as those related to a more emotional dimension, tailored specifically to each client.




In this area, the architect's work cannot be improvised. It requires specific skills such as historical knowledge, the mastery of materials that can be used, and site and survey analysis. Being very involved in heritage preservation, we have set up a team of specialists who can adapt the project to the substance of the heritage to be renovated or developed.




The success of an architectural project does not lie solely in the conceptual and design aspects. We attach equal importance to planning costs and deadlines so that the end result meets aesthetic expectations as well as economic imperatives. To this end, we have put in place management processes and tools that allow us to guarantee complete transparency as soon as the project is launched and regularly inform our clients about the work in progress.




Expertise in the field of construction, coordination with the different trades, quotation, and contingency management are some of the key skills needed for the successful completion of a project. Considering this know-how as a profession in its own right, we have set up a team specifically dedicated to the management of the works.

The team works in close collaboration with the architects who develop the concept and ensure that it is made according to the rules of the art, according to high-quality standards.




We offer different types of expertise according to customers needs. Financial expertise to analyze the feasibility of a real estate project, its viability, and performance. Technical expertise whose purpose is to provide information on the condition of a real estate object, including any maintenance costs to be expected and the state of the technical installations. Finally, expertise related to an inheritance or an inheritance that aims to establish an equitable sharing of assets between the various stakeholders.

We can also intervene as a consultant, either to advise a project owner on an ad hoc basis or to represent him as part of his project or even to pilot the entire project.




We believe that the quality of an architectural project is also measured by its adequacy with the environment in which it will be built and in particular its adaptability over time. Beyond this consideration, we are a first choice partner for any client wishing to carry out a project that is part of a sustainable development approach.

We can be proud of a long experience in this field and have in-house expertise in radon, air quality, minergie, and minergie-p-eco.




Mediation is an alternative to the often long and expensive court process. It is a dispute resolution process in which an impartial third party supports the parties concerned to find amicable solutions. The parties themselves decide on alternatives and results in negotiations in which they participate voluntarily and confidentially. The purpose is thus to enable the persons concerned to establish or re-establish a relationship, to carry out a project or to overcome a conflict situation.

Mediation can be offered in many areas such as commercial relations, neighborhood or inheritance disputes, etc.




CIDO is a limited company created in 2013 in-house. Our vocation is to allow a landowner to develop his property and to propose projects that are part of a quality architectural approach.




NUANCES is at your disposal and guides you in the interior design of your project, residential or professional, in Switzerland or abroad, advising you for the choice of components: fabrics, materials, style, furniture, lighting, works of art and decorative objects.

Nuances design and draws plans and details of interior design including mood boards. It also establishes a precise description of the work with detailed specifications for a controlled budget. Nuances work in collaboration with architects, designers, engineers, and landscapers.





[ french level c1 ]


Architecte EPF/HES concours et avant-projetst

Votre mission/

Réalisation d’études de faisabilité. 
Développement d’avant-projets et concours (logements, ouvrages d’utilité publique). 
Recherche, analyse et proposition de nouveaux concours. 
Coordination avec les équipes projet et imagerie 3D. 
Participation à l’amélioration du processus.

 Votre profil

• au bénéfice d’une formation dans l’architecture (epf, hes  ou équivalent).

• une expérience confirmée de 8 ans au minimum auprès de bureaux d’architecture en Suisse.

• vous maîtrisez les outils informatiques usuels (Archicad, Artlantis, MS Project, Photoshop et Messerli gestion un plus).

• vous possédez le sens de l’initiative et savez gérer urgences et priorités.

• vous êtes autonome, organisé/e créatif/ve, rapide et polyvalent/e et vous aimez l’action et le travail varié.

• vous maîtrisez le français, l’anglais est un plus.

 Nous vous offrons

• Des projets variés pour une clientèle exigeante.

• un excellent cadre de travail, avec une équipe dynamique.

• Un espace d’échange et de co-création.

• Un cadre de travail stimulant et des avantages sociaux intéressants.

• des possibilités de développement.


Architecte EPF/HES projeteur/euse

Votre mission/

Définition des besoins avec le Maître de l’Ouvrage. 
Études de faisabilité. Élaboration des projets et direction architecturale. 
Établissement des plans d’exécution et de détail. 
Gestion des intervenants techniques. 
Préparation des dossiers d’autorisation. 
Coordination avec l’équipe d’exécution.

 Votre profil

• Au bénéfice d’un master en architecture (EPF, HES ou équivalent).

• Expérience confirmée de 5 ans au minimum auprès de bureaux d’architecture en Suisse.

• Sens de l’initiative et bonne gestion des urgences et des priorités.

• Expérience de la relation client.

• Maîtrise des outils informatiques usuels (Archicad, Photoshop, Messerli prestations un plus).

• Autonome, créatif/ve, organisé/e et sens aigu de la communication.

• Maîtrise du français et très bonnes connaissances de l’anglais.

 Nous vous offrons

• Des projets variés pour une clientèle exigeante

• un excellent cadre de travail, avec une équipe dynamique.

• Un espace d’échanges et de co-création.

• Un cadre de travail stimulant et des avantages sociaux intéressants.

• des possibilités de développement.


Directrice/directeur de travaux senior

Votre mission/
Préparation et suivi des chantiers.
Établissement des appels d’offres.
Suivi du projet avec le maître de l’ouvrage et gestion des plans.
Établissement des plannings d’étude et de chantier.
Gestion financière.
Coordination technique et avec l’architecte.
Votre profil

• Au bénéfice d’un master en architecture ou ingénierie HES, EPF ou équivalent.

• Expérience confirmée de 5 ans au minimum auprès de bureaux d’architecture en Suisse

• Expérience de la relation client.

• Maîtrise informatique usuelle (Messerli, Omniplan).

• Grande autonomie, rigoureux/euse, organisé/e et sens aigu de la communication.

• Maîtrise du français, anglais un plus.

 Nous vous offrons

• un excellent cadre de travail, avec une équipe dynamique.

• Des projets variés pour une clientèle exigeante.

• Des outils de travail performants.

• Un cadre de travail stimulant et des avantages sociaux intéressants.

• Des possibilités de développement.


Stagiaire en architecture, 6 à 12 mois

Votre mission/
Faisant partie intégrante de notre équipe d’architectes, vous aurez la possibilité de participer à toutes les phases de projet et de réalisation.

Votre profil

• Vous êtes un/e étudiant/e motivé/e, engagé/e et dynamique.

• Vous maîtrisez les outils informatiques courants (ArchiCAD de préférence), croquis à la main un plus.

• Excellent niveau de français parlé et écrit, anglais un plus.

 Nous vous offrons

• un excellent cadre de travail, avec une équipe jeune et dynamique.

• une rémunération basée sur votre profil.


Please send your application to debora akinci, manager rh, d.akinci@mvt-architectes.ch.