Mvt/ architectess integrates the 2017 ranking of the best employers in French-speaking Switzerland.

The office is on the podium in the field of real estate and construction. This result embodies an innovative HR policy, focused on the development of talent within the company.
- Paternity leave extended to one week
- Possibility to buy additional holidays
- Flexibility of working hours ...

A thumbs up to preconceived ideas
In terms of human resources (HR), mvt/ architects is happy to lie about the clichés of wage dumping and extended schedules that are common in the sector. The office's focus on employee well-being and employee potential development led to it becoming the third-best French real estate and construction employer in April 2017 in the annual ranking. Bilan magazine.
These few provisions are a sample of the range of measures deployed over the years and complemented by the new internal regulations that came into effect on June 1, 2017, together with the new CTC signed by the office. Mvt employees are also entitled to:
- A fifth week of vacation from ten years of seniority
- Facilities for teleworking
- Measures promoting gender equality and a mechanism for conflict management have been introduced.
- More innovative still, the new regulation allows compensation for overtime.

"Our corporate vision explicitly states that all employees are the guarantors of the success of mvt. We want to give them the means for their autonomy and encourage their development within the office ", explains Debora Akinci, Head of HR and Communication at mvt architects.

Promoting the exchange of ideas and creativity
In 2016, mvt enters new premises at the Voie-Creuse, Geneva, this was an opportunity to deepen this reflection. "As HR Manager, I was associated with the works director and the architect in organizing the new workspace," says Debora Akinci. We have made every effort to promote the exchange of ideas and creativity. I also took advantage of this project to launch a survey of employees, whose feedback was taken into account in the development of our new internal regulations. "
Mvt's HR policy is part of a broader ethical framework that has seen the office adopt a proactive strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As part of the commitments made by its partners, mvt redistributes for example 1/3 of its profits to its employees every year and devotes 1/3 to business projects. Similarly, the training is honored: the office hosts an average of four trainees per year and trains permanently apprentices. Employees benefit from three days of continuous training per year.

Make the team spirit shine
Strengthening the team spirit in the company, which has an average age of 41 and an average seniority of six years, is also one of Debora Akinci's priorities. Among other initiatives, every two years mvt invites all its employees to a study trip. In 2017, the office decided to head for Hamburg, the scene of a bubbling avant-gardism.

Creative spirit you sure hold us!