Our daily commitment


Next Friday, June 14, the World March of Women will take place!

Our daily action is a commitment to promote a policy of equality between men and women. To do this, various concrete actions have been implemented within our office: Our salary scale is based on the position held, the responsibilities assumed, the training followed and the number of years of experience in the position, we have analysed all our salaries via a "self-assessment" tool made available by EQUAL-SALARY, a company that certifies companies with more than 50 employees as regards equal treatment of men and women salaries (https:/www.We introduced an article (1.4) "Equal treatment, the prohibition of discrimination" in our staff regulations two years ago and intend to apply it strictly where necessary. we encourage the professional development of all, both within the office and through professional associations such as the SIA.

☛ http://www.marchemondiale.ch/index.php/fr/actions-campagnes/economie-feministe-et-travail-des-femmes/457-vers-une-greve-feministe-le-14-juin-2019-le-compte-a-rebours-commence-aujourd-hui.

Photographs courtesy of The Library of Congress

In solidarity with the march, here are some of the office's visions on equality