Villas / appartments

Mount Olympus in Genthod

The terrain is narrow and ends with a steep dip in the waters of Lake Geneva. It is here, in the slope, that was nested a small lake house in a "Bernese" style. It has been renovated in parallel and now serves as a villa for guests. It is almost invisible to the object that interests us.

As the first objective was to enjoy the view, the house was built in length. Bordered by hedges on each side - a facade left voluntarily one-eyed, it is a house that advances as with blinkers, fully stretched towards the view that emerges in front of her. The garage and the visiting parties in the first place, the common areas in the center, those last relaxation, facing the landscape. Two bedrooms and the master suite are upstairs.

Elements that dislocate
On a modest surface, a multiplication of articulated spaces develops, varying sizes and coverings, which are shifted relative to each other. Each space enjoys an unobstructed view of the lake. A program and architecture that offers plays perspectives by varying the widths, heights, perspectives. Correlatively, the niches and other crevices fill the gaps: the kitchen, generous and family, has a small terrace welcome early in the morning; the office is accompanied by a slight woody breakaway to let the soul wander; the lounge finds its apotheosis in a wooden terrace along the pool, and overlooks the almost empty space available to it. If there were the Savoyard mountains on the horizon, we could find ourselves in some Mediterranean cove, where the roof terraces are reminiscent of a modernized and simplified version of the "Fallingwater" of friend MrWright.
A metal shelters the terrace of the kitchen. The Marquise of the salon extends the bedroom which overlooks it. A finely drawn element connects the garage to the entrance of the house while preserving a dry path. The elements are debarred but are all connected to each other by a succession of architectural gestures, and allow the landscape to invite each other in each room. In the center of the house, a massive staircase serves as a base and conceals elements that are not intended for reception purposes. The floor is in walnut, like custom designed furniture items.

Cyclopean marches
On the side, an infinity pool sleeps peacefully in a concrete shell. It is all of black granite, twelve meters long. Three steps of staircase allow to extract itself and to reach the slope which leads to the edge of the Lake. If you go off by boat, paddle or rowing, you will notice the discretion. Or not, so much is she becoming aware. From above, we can see only in the distance. From below, the escarpment and the vegetation blur our contemplation.