Facing the Lake

"La Poissonière" is a house of 720m2 on the edge of Lake Geneva, sharp by its tranquility and transparencies like an object that seems to float and reach out to the azure horizon.

On one side the lake, on the other an agricultural zone that extends far towards the Jura. Between the two, a building space that seems limited in relation to the vastness of the whole, but which offers a large volume with nearly 720m2 on the different levels. Visually, the impression is that of a boat resting on a green stretch of land, surrounded by two bunches of forest.

Through its passageways and openings, its supporting pillars or the sequencing of the various modules, one thinks of a sternwheeler sailing on the Mississippi.

Modularity as a constructive principle
The goal was not to end up with a built front too important. Since then, the villa has been decomposed, functioning as an aggregate of different modules joined to each other, playing on the volumes, the coatings (wood, metal, quartzite ...) and the functionalities, until diverting the look. Here, the winter garden, worked as if it were a greenhouse. There, the swimming pool is placed in what could be a workshop. At the top, the terrace and its lookout. The parents' room appears in the "tower", a concrete dungeon that emphasizes the place/ link/founding centerpiece. Each space has been thought of as an object as such, imagined as so many independent refuges from each other.
Entirely turned towards Lake Geneva, crisscrossed with windows and bay windows, this house offers transparency at all times. All the pieces look towards the azure element. Home primarily family, the kitchen is cozy with its adjoining living room but can be transformed for the need of receptions. Each room has been worked as a small suite, the bathroom on one side, the dressing room on the other.

The pool with a double view
If the pool is indoor, it was installed upstairs to enjoy, if necessary, a view that extends to Lake Geneva. You can also admire the glass bottom from the games room on the lower floor. On the top floor, there is a majestic deck, all the more generous and luxurious as it is like an upper deck. Exclusive, only for guests. Between the floors, an oval staircase ensures the transition.
A little further down, a boathouse came to complete the program thereafter, requiring, in particular, the development of a dike kisses to protect it from strong currents.

A perfect beach together, bordered by a wall acting as a rampart to the onslaught of waves, occasional bench.